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Travel around Montenegro (start at Podgorica airport)

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We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most interesting travel route in Montenegro on a motorhome. We personally traveled along this route many times, and you can not worry that you get lost or do not find a place to relax. In the description you will find the coordinates of the parking spots and photos. On the way there are many grocery stores, gas stations where you can refuel the car with diesel fuel and replenish the supply of water for free.

Information for drivers:

Roads in Montenegro are free, except for the Sozino tunnel (Skadar Lake).

Speed ​​mode:
• in settlements – 40 km / h
• outside settlements – 70 km / h
• on highways – 100 km / h


1 Free parking near Podgorica Airport (coordinates: 42.365357, 19.239117)


Supermarket “NAŠ DISKONT” in the city of Podgorica (coordinates: 42.420855, 19.256860)


3 Free parking at the Niagara Falls (coordinates: 42.383663, 19.278792)


4 Free parking at the Moraca Monastery (Moraca Canyon) (coordinates: 42.764276, 19.389429)


5 Paid parking in the Camping Biogradsko Jezero nature reserve – entry paid (coordinates: 42.900685, 19.595714)


Free parking at the “Dzhurzhievich” bridge over the Tara river (coordinates: 43.150907, 19.296020)


Paid parking at the campsite Durmitor – Zabljak (coordinates: 43.153095, 19.097917)


Free parking in the Durmitor reserve, at the foot of the Bobotov Cook mountain (coordinates: 43.104313, 19.020117)


Free parking with a view of Lake Piva (coordinates: 43.175591, 18.858918)


10  Parking -Rafting Camp “Modra Rijeka” (coordinates: 43.343296, 18.841965). It is surrounded by unspoilt nature on the banks of the Piva River. Rafting runs along the canyon along the famous Tara River. You have access to additional services: walking tours, jeep safari in Durmitor, mountain biking, cruise on Lake Piva, kayaks and much more. The restaurant serves traditional cuisine. Free WiFi is available. The nearest grocery store is 500 meters away. For more information, please contact HERE 


11  Free parking Pluzine city, Pivske lake (coordinates: 43.152123, 18.825604)


12  Free parking at Krupacko lake Niksic (coordinates: 42.792506, 18.900810)


13  Free parking near the mountain lake “Slano” Niksic (coordinates: 42.757323, 18.821696)


14  Free parking with a view of the bay – Kotor (coordinates: 42.512983, 18.673785)


15 Oyster Farm with Restaurant (coordinates: 42.484533, 18.728641) We recommend that you go in the oyster restaurant. Nice and friendly atmosphere, hospitable staff, fresh seafood, homemade wine. Restaurant prices: Raw mussels – 2 euros / kg; Oysters – 1.5 euros / piece; Mussels – 10 Euro / kg (with garlic sauce, bread, lemon); Grilled sea bass / dorado fish – 10 Euro 1 fish; White domestic wine – 7.5 euro 1 liter. https://www.facebook.com/muslje.Milos/



16  Paid parking Perast city (coordinates: 42.489953, 18.693047) Perast is one of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro. Almost every building in the city is an architectural monument. In your photo collection you must have this city and two islands that can be reached by fishing boat for 2 euros per person.


17  Paid parking the city of Kotor. (coordinates: 42.427770, 18.768378) Be sure to visit this place, buy souvenirs and have coffee on the terrace in the restaurant overlooking the old city! Overnight at paid parking. In the city of Kotor and in the vicinity it is forbidden to stop outside official parking lots or outside the campsite.

18  Free parking Tivat city. (coordinates: 42.425729, 18.701415) This place is unique in that it is within walking distance to the city center, where there is a large vegetable and fish market and the famous village of “Porto Montenegro”. We advise everyone to visit this place! You will see the Montenegrin “Venice”. Overnight stay possible.


19 Paid parking Tivat Blue Horizons beach (coordinates: 42.386420, 18.681849) At the beginning of the trip, we advise you to call on the Lustica peninsula, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Montenegro.


20  Free parking beach / camping Jaz (coordinates: 42.284175, 18.802848)


21  Free parking Budva (coordinates: 42.277875, 18.833220)


22  Paid parking sandy beach Becici (coordinates: 42.282056, 18.872562)


23 Free parking near the island of St. Stephen (coordinates: 42.256390, 18.897748)


24 Paid parking Lucice Petrovac (coordinates: 42.201145, 18.950702)


25  Paid parking camp Buljarica (coordinates: 42.194701, 18.963925)


26 Paid parking “Chanj beach” (coordinates: 42.162031, 18.996236)


27 Camping Uteha (coordinates: 42.010379, 19.151172)


28 Camping «Safari Beach» Ulcinj (coordinates: 41.903912, 19.266994)


29 Camping «MCM» Ulcinj (coordinates: 41.901268, 19.275756)


30 Camping Nudist Island “Ada Boyana” (coordinates: 41.865109, 19.344285)


31  Free parking with a view of Skadar Lake (coordinates: 42.064661, 19.373818)

Montenegro is a safe country and crime is practically absent, but be careful and keep valuables in the iron safe located in the motorhome or take with you. Do not leave motorhomes unattended for a long time.

We hope you like our offer and you have a great time!




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