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Category : Trips

We suggest you combine a trip to Croatia with a trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. So it will be easier for you to feel the beauty of the Balkans, because these countries are unique in their own way. We remind you that before traveling to Croatia, decide where you would like to go and if your desires do not coincide with the route we have proposed, be sure to choose a campsite for your vacation. This is the only country where the law on the prohibition of parking outside the campsite is strictly monitored. To select a campsite, you can use the function “SEARCH CAMPING”. When visiting a site with a camping search, it is most convenient to use the map search function.


№1 Paid parking at Dubrovnik Airport (coordinates: 42.559079, 18.264267). We meet you and give you a camper in the parking lot at the airport. You inform us in advance of the arrival date, flight number, arrival time and airport name (we can meet at the airport in Montenegro Tivat or Podgorica, the airport in Croatia Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split and other airports of the Balkans). At the meeting, we explain everything in detail. We show how the motorhome functions, we give detailed instructions printed on paper, how to use the motorhome.


№2 Free parking on the outskirts of Dubrovnik (coordinates: 42.669094, 18.088184). In the city of Dubrovnik, it is very difficult to park on a motorhome and it is almost impossible to find free parking. But we have found for you a free parking for a motorhome on the very seashore. In 20-25 minutes you walk to the old city.


№3 Camping “Viter” (coordinates: 43.139581, 17.280967). Camping is located on the first line of the sea. A very beautiful place. If you plan to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is most convenient to vizit in this camp before the trip. It is very conveniently located along your path. During the trip you will meet a large number of campsites, as this type of recreation is very developed in Croatia. During peak season, be sure to reserve a parking place for the caravan in advance.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

№4 Paid parking near the waterfalls Kravice, Bosnia and Herzegovina (coordinates: 43.158494, 17.607646) The beauty of Kravice waterfalls can be compared to the famous Plitvice Lakes waterfalls in Croatia. But the biggest difference and advantage is that you can swim in the Kravice waterfalls and there is a very beautiful beach. Be sure to bring beach accessories with you.


№5 Paid parking city Mostar (coordinates: 43.338521, 17.808620) The territory of the city is divided into two parts, between which a bridge was laid, which gave rise to the development of the city and its name. The city grew from a bridge on both sides of the Neretva. And on the one and on the other hand, city blocks and streets were formed, which over the centuries acquired their unique architectural appearance. HERE you will find a lot of interesting information about Mostar.


№6 Free parking Tvrdos Monastery (coordinates: 42.719274, 18.291356) was built on the foundation of the church from the 4th century and belongs to a number of the most ancient cultural and historical monuments in Republika Srpska. A special feature of the interior is the glass floor, which is a kind of “window to the past” through which you can see the foundation of the church from the 4th century. A long tradition of wine production, the beginning of which dates back to the 15th century, the monastery is successfully maintained today. We recommend buying several types of wine! Low prices will please you very much.


№7 Free parking city Trebinje (coordinates: 42.711599, 18.360636) The Slavs called this area “terbyny”, which meant “cleared land”. The city is located on the Trebisnice River, in the southeast of Herzegovina. “The city of three religions” is also called Trebinje. On its territory you can visit the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Cathedral, a mosque.


№8 Bosnia & Herzegovina border with Montenegro (coordinates: 42.557345, 18.446088)


№9 Oyster Farm with Restaurant (coordinates: 42.484533, 18.728641) We recommend that you go in the oyster restaurant. Nice and friendly atmosphere, hospitable staff, fresh seafood, homemade wine. Restaurant prices: Raw mussels – 2 euros / kg; Oysters – 1.5 euros / piece; Mussels – 10 Euro / kg (with garlic sauce, bread, lemon); Grilled sea bass / dorado fish – 10 Euro 1 fish; White domestic wine – 7.5 euro 1 liter. https://www.facebook.com/muslje.Milos/


№10 Paid parking Perast city (coordinates: 42.489953, 18.693047) Perast is one of the most beautiful cities in Montenegro. Almost every building in the city is an architectural monument. In your photo collection you must have this city and two islands that can be reached by fishing boat for 2 euros per person.


№11 Paid parking the city of Kotor. (coordinates: 42.427770, 18.768378) Be sure to visit this place, buy souvenirs and have coffee on the terrace in the restaurant overlooking the old city! Overnight at paid parking. In the city of Kotor and in the vicinity it is forbidden to stop outside official parking lots or outside the campsite.


№12 Supermarket “HDL 365” near the Tivat airport (coordinates: 42.385279, 18.744799) We recommend that you buy food at the beginning of your trip at a supermarket near the Tivat airport. Accepts bank cards and cash in euros.


№13 Paid parking Tivat Blue Horizons beach (coordinates: 42.386420, 18.681849) At the beginning of the trip, we advise you to call on the Lustica peninsula, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Montenegro.


№14 Free parking Tivat city. (coordinates: 42.425729, 18.701415) This place is unique in that it is within walking distance to the city center, where there is a large vegetable and fish market and the famous village of “Porto Montenegro”. We advise everyone to visit this place! You will see the Montenegrin “Venice”. Overnight stay possible.



№15 Free parking in Croatia on the border with Montenegro (coordinates: 42.406164, 18.511426) Croatia is one of the few countries in the Balkans where it is forbidden to stay on a motorhome for the night outside the campsite. But we found several places where we parked many times at night, and no one drove us away. This is one of such places on the seashore where it is very beautiful.


№16 Camping “Adtiatik II” (coordinates: 42.453218, 18.435755). At the end of your trip (before departure from Dubrovnik airport) we recommend that you stop at the Adtiatik II camping in Croatia. It is located on the first line of the sea. Here you can wash your things, prepare the motorhome for a return. We remind you that the caravan must be clean and the toilet cassette must be empty.