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Fiat Ducato 125 euro (up to 6 people)

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Rent of a Motorhome / Campervan Fiat in Balkans

Motorhome based on Fiat Ducato, 1989, 2.0 diesel engine.

  • Number of people 6
  • Security deposit 200 Eur
  • Driving license category       “B”
  • Fuel (full tank, return the same) DIESEL
  • Transmission      Mechanik
  • Gas heating system, gas system for heating water     yes
  • Solar system       yes
  • Inverter from DC/AC 220V (150W) (optional)
  • Metal safe for money   yes
  • Gas stove yes
  • Refrigerator ( 12/220 volts) yes
  • Sets of bed linen, towels   yes
  • Kitchen utensils for 6 persons  yes
  • Shower, sink, biotoilet   yes
  • Hot water   yes
  • Outdoor dining table, chairs (by the number of people) (optional)
  • A tank for clean water, a waste water tank   yes
  • Beds: upper bed 2.1 x 1.4 m
  • Lower bed 2.1 x 1.1 m
  • bunk bed: upper bed 1.8 x 0.60 m
  • Lower bed 1.9 x 0.70 m

This model does not have power steering.

Consumption of diesel fuel 8-10  liters per 100 km. There are 6 seats for passengers  (6 beds). This camper model is manufactured in 1989, has a 1.9 cm3 diesel engine, and a maximum travel speed of up to 70 km per hour.

The kitchen has a two gas hobs, a washbasin with hot water, kitchen utensils for 6 people (plates, cups and cutlery), pans, pans.

Also, bicycles, barbecue, boats and much more are available for an extra charge. See on the “Camping Equipment” page.

The caravan has a large trunk for things.

The caravan is completely autonomous.

The water supply system of the motorhome includes 3 tanks: one with clean water of 70 liters, which can be filled free of charge at Montenegro’s gas stations; a tank for used water (shower, kitchen) for 90 liters; tank for a toilet of 25 liters (dry closet).

On the roof there is a solar system for autonomous power supply of the caravan.

Detailed instructions for using the motorhome are attached.

All questions and reservation requests can be sent to our e-mail: slavamotorhomemne@gmail.com by Viber, WhatsApp +38267384858 or by using the forms at the bottom of this page.




The camper uses a thermoelectric refrigerator. This is the most common type of refrigerator for motorhomes, as it does not require a gas connection. When using such a refrigerator, the following facts must be taken into account:
– temperature decrease is very slow;
– cooling only up to 15-20°C difference with the environment;
– a high level of energy consumption, which is why it is advisable to use it when the car is running or in the presence of the sun or when powered from a 220 volt network in a camping;
– short duration of cold storage in the absence of power.

Important information!
In order not to fail the battery that feeds the entire electrical system of the motorhome does not deteriorate, this camper model uses protection against a complete discharge of the battery, namely, when the on-board power drops below 11.4 volts, the system will automatically turn off the refrigerator.
In cases where there is no sun, then you need to connect to an external 220 volt network at the campsite.
To automatically turn on the refrigerator, you must have the sun (the charge comes from the solar panel), or have a running car engine (the charge comes from the car’s generator), or have an external power source in the campsite (the charge comes from the built-in 220 volt transformer). The refrigerator automatically turns on when the motorhome mains voltage is higher than 13.4 volts.
According to the experience of using this refrigerator, the on-board network can withstand a couple of hours of operation of the refrigerator in the absence of external power supply (no sun or no 220 volts).




Please note that we provide bed linen and towels free of charge according to the number of guests. If you are two people, you will receive one set of bed linen for one bed and two towels. If you need a different amount of bed linen, be sure to let us know in advance
If you need an additional blanket or warm blanket, please let us know in advance, as these items will not be provided without prior order. We care about your comfortable stay, but we cannot know your desires if you do not voice them to us.

Request reservation

If you sent an email using this form and do not receive a response for a long time, we ask you to duplicate the message to our e-mail: slavamotorhomemne@gmail.com or Viber, WhatsApp +38267384858


When making an application for renting a camper, please provide the following information:
Number of passengers;
Driving experience category “B”;
You must specify the time and place of the meeting upon arrival and departure.
Which countries are you planning to visit on a camper.
P.S. Read the terms and conditions of extended insurance camper rental (paragraph 9 here: https://rentalcampervan.com/faq/ )