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Bank Transfer Instruction

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Bank Transfer Instruction

Transfer can be done in two ways:
1) By regular bank transfer. For this service, your bank may charge a large percentage of money transfer fees.
2) If your bank charges a high cost for transferring money to our bank, then we advise you to use a money transfer system called: Paysend (mobile application in your phone). This is a proven and safe money transfer system that takes a minimum percentage for transfer services (maximum 1.5-2 euros per transfer).


If you have chosen Paysend, then you just need to enter the account number or card number, as well as the recipient’s initials in the mobile application:

IBAN  ME25510000000114452474 

VISA Card: 4174 6550 0485 5311

or  Master Card: 5320945111795611



This is a more detailed instruction for a regular bank money transfer: