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Ford Kayak 100 euro (up to 4 people)

Category : Our cars

Motorhome based on Ford Transit, 1993, 2.5 diesel engine.

  • Number of people 4
  • Security deposit 200 Eur
  • Driving license category       “B”
  • Fuel (full tank, return the same) DIESEL
  • Transmission      Mechanik
  • Power steering   no
  • Gas heating system, gas system for heating water     yes
  • Solar system       yes
  • Inverter from DC/AC 220V (150W) (optional)
  • Metal safe for money   yes
  • Gas stove, fridge  yes
  • Two sets of bed linen, towels   yes
  • Kitchen utensils for 4 persons  yes
  • Shower, sink, biotoilet   yes
  • Hot water   yes
  • Outdoor dining table, chairs (by the number of people (optional)
  • A tank for clean water, a waste water lank   yes
  • Beds: upper bed 2.1 x 1.5 m
  • Lower bed 2.1 x 1.6 m


This model does not have power steering. Consumption of diesel fuel 8-10  liters per 100 km. There are four seats for passengers  (4 beds).

The kitchen has a fridge with a freezer, two gas hobs, a washbasin with hot water, kitchen utensils for 4 people (plates, cups and cutlery), pans, pans.

Also, bicycles, barbecue boats, boats and much more are available for an extra charge. See on the “Camping Equipment” page.

The caravan has a large trunk for things.

The caravan is completely autonomous.

The water supply system of the motorhome includes 3 tanks: one with clean water of 150 liters, which can be filled free of charge at Montenegro’s gas stations; a tank for used water (shower, kitchen) for 150 liters; tank for a toilet of 25 liters (dry closet).

The house has autonomous gas heating, mosquito nets, blackout blinds and additional curtains are installed on all windows.

On the roof there is a solar system for autonomous power supply of the caravan.

Detailed instructions for using the motorhome are attached.

All questions and reservation requests can be sent to our e-mail: slavamotorhomemne@gmail.com by Viber, WhatsApp +38267384858 or by using the forms at the bottom of this page.

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When making an application for renting a camper, please provide the following information:
Number of passengers;
Driving experience category “B”;
Meeting point upon arrival and departure;
Which countries are you planning to visit on a camper.
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